The Q1 2019 buyback was completed within 20 seconds! The buybacks result will be settled within 72 hours. See you at the Q2 buyback!

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About GET Protocol

Our mission is to facilitate honest ticketing on a global scale.

The GET Protocol Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which is on a mission to make ticketing fair, transparent and accessible for fans, organisers, artists and alike.

We make rights to admission truly digital and fully controllable. No more ticket fraud or dishonest reselling. We work hard to provide the world the extremely stable and fully battletested GET Protocol.

By implementing GET Protocol, ticketing companies, artists and venues make a clear and definite statement that they care about their customers and fans.

Get to know
the team

  • Maarten Bloemers Maarten Bloemers
    Maarten Bloemers
  • Tom Roetgering Tom Roetgering
    Tom Roetgering
  • Ivo van der Wijk Ivo van der Wijk
    Ivo van der Wijk
  • Frans Twisk Frans Twisk
    Frans Twisk
    Product Designer
  • Sander Regtuijt Sander Regtuijt
    Sander Regtuijt
    Business Developer
  • Kasper Keunen Kasper Keunen
    Kasper Keunen
    Blockchain Developer
  • Denise van der Meulen Denise van der Meulen
    Denise van der Meulen
    Service Officer
  • Stavros Champilomatis Stavros Champilomatis
    Stavros Champilomatis
  • Mark Arts Mark Arts
    Mark Arts
  • J
    João Santos
  • Koen Klinkers Koen Klinkers
    Koen Klinkers
  • Olivier Biggs Olivier Biggs
    Olivier Biggs
  • Amin A. Amin A.
    Amin A.
    Community Manager


  • Watse de Jong
    Watse de Jong
  • Chris Payne
    Chris Payne
  • Robert-Jan Veen
    Robert-Jan Veen
  • Arjan Poleij
    Arjan Poleij
  • Marius Jansen
    Marius Jansen
  • Nyle Budimlić
    Nyle Budimlić