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Our progress & roadmap.
We're already making it happen.

GET Protocol is designed as the smart & secure engine for your ticketing service and can be used by anyone that is looking for a better and more transparent way to sell tickets.

  • 2016
    • q1Development of a MVP application.
      Founding team organizes a hackathon in Ukraine to build a MVP application to test the concept of blockchain ticketing.
    • q2Founders raise seed funding.
      Armed with a MVP that is successful in demonstrating the core benefits of smart ticketing using a blockchain back-bone, seed investment was raised to finance further exploration of the concept.
    • q3Development on the smart ticketing application is initiated.
      The development of an easy to use and globally scalable event ticketing protocol starts with a local team in an office in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    • q4Big artists join the GUTS Tickets initiative.
      The founding team was able to convince several of the regions largest theatre production companies to back their ambitious plan to stop scalping and fraud. Among the backers are also artists and managers and agents of renowned and international artists.
    • q4MVP successfully sells and monitors ownership of blockchain registered tickets.
      After months of developing the smart ticketing application of GUTS Tickets is put to the test in a real-life use case. A full ticketing pilot is successfully conducted. Selling, reselling and verifying tickets for a business seminar of ASR.
  • 2017
    • q1Blockchain ticketing pilots at several festivals.
      The smart ticketing application is piloted during large and user intensive event use cases. Under these pilots are a music festival festival and an event industry networking event.
    • q2Smart tickets for large theatre and business events.
      The smart ticketing application is piloted on complicated ticket-type events like seated theatre shows and complex and dynamically scheduled business conferences. Examples of these pilots are a theatre show of Jochem Myjer and business networking event Get In The Ring.
    • q3GET whitepaper published & ICO announced.
      Alongside the crowdsale announcement the team published the GET Protocol whitepaper: explaining in detail how decentralization, tokenization and transparency-by-design will ensure a more fair and honest ticketing industry. Read the GET Protocol whitepaper.
    • q4ICO crowdsale completed!
      On December 13th 2017 the GET Protocol ICO is completed. In total 10.935 ETH was raised from more than 1200 unique contributors! Blog about ICO finalization.
  • 2018
    • q1Team expands rapidly in size.
      In order to ensure rapid worldwide availability of the ticketing protocol 10 developers are recruited to build a scalable and competitive blockchain API. Check the team that is making it happen on the GET Protocol LinkedIn.
    • q2Ticketing company GUTS Tickets sells 18 000 tickets on the GET Protocol testnet.
      In less than 2 hours, GUTS’ smart ticketing application handles over 300k unique visitors and manages to sell 18k blockchain-registered tickets for 20 seated theatre shows of Jochem Myjer.
    • q3GUTS Tickets: iOS & Android apps live in app stores.
      First versions of the mobile applications are completed and put to use. While functionalities of the current applications are still basic they are a important starting point for improvement, feedback collection and testing. Can be found in the Android Play Store & iOS App Store.
    • q3Continuous blockchain registered events conducted by GUTS Tickets
      The first user of the GET Protocol continuously tests assumptions. Every week more tickets are sold. Check out the event feed of the first protocol user, GUTS Tickets. View all events currently on sale in the GUTS Tickets event feed.
    • q3GET Protocol launches contracts on Ethereum mainnet.
      Whereas previous GET Protocol ticketed events were registered on the Kovan testnet, the Ethereum mainnet will now be used for all ticket sales by all users of the GET Protocol.
    • q3Facilitate buy-back GET for 50.000 tickets sold.
      GUTS Tickets, the protocols first operational ticketing company, will issue 50 000 GET-fueled tickets for 35+ theatre shows. To fuel these event cycles a buy-back of GET from the open market will be conducted to fuel the smart tickets sold by the organizers.
    • q4GET Protocol back-end API public.
      The GET Protocol is built to be used by ticketing companies as a stable and stress-tested back-end blockchain infrastructure. By delivering this milestone other ticketing companies can incorporate the value adding blockchain features to their existing & operational ticketing services.
    • q4Facilitate buy-back for 90.000 tickets for 50+ event cycles.
      GUTS Tickets, the protocols first operational ticketing company, will issue 90 000 GET-fueled tickets for 50+ theatre shows. To fuel these event cycles a buy-back from the open market will be facilitated on behalf of and paid by event organizers (theatres).
    • Forwards: Continuous buy-backs in regular intervals.
      All users of the GET Protocol will require a certain amount of GET to conduct transparent and fair ticketing. The first user of the GET Protocol, GUTS Tickets, will keep on leading the way for adoption and proof of concept. Other ticketing companies can use the open source GET Protocol infrastructure.
  • 2019
    • q1GUTS secured at least 1 million smart tickets throughout 2019.
      The GET Protocol is built to facilitate ticketing use cases of various ticketing companies. With the blockchain as single source of truth, storing, computing and accounting for ownership of tickets, discount and promotional credits and other event specific currencies and points.
    • q2International expansion of the GET Protocol.
      The GET Protocol will be used by ticketing companies in multiple countries. This international usage and adoption is both achieved by expansion of the operational application of GUTS Tickets in other countries as well as the usage of the GET Protocol by 'foreign' ticketing companies.
    • q3Expand utility by further integration & addition of GET crypto asset in event cycles.
      To improve both the user experience as well as consumer retention for ticketing companies and organizers. Blockchain powered features as geofencing, gamification and artist-to-fan communication will be incorporated in the GET Protocol.