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Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of answers to frequently asked questions.

What does GET stand for and what is it?

GET stands for ‘Guaranteed Entrance Token’. This is an ERC20 token, and it’s a crucial component of the GET Protocol. It’s a utility token, which means that it serves a specific goal within our ticketing solution. More about this below.

Where is GET traded?

Absolutely! Being an ERC20 token(registered on Ethereum), GETs can be transferred and traded. We recommend using Uniswap. The GET token can also be traded on Liquid, STEX, Coinone, and IDEX. for full explanations on how to trade on these exchanges.

Can I buy/sell GET directly with FIAT?

Yes it is possible to buy and sell GET directly using!

What does the GET token represent?

The GET token is a crucial part of the GET protocol. The token fuels all the blockchain related transactions. The properties of the GET token allows for a transparent and stable value equivalence as utlity on a ticket this is locked in every event cycle. Ensuring that the protocol remain usable regardless of swings in price on the open market.

Where will GET be used?

At the beginning of every event cycle, GETs are distributed to the event organizer to ‘fuel’ the necessary transactions. They function as the fuel to sustain the distribution and any potential changes (such as change of ownership in case of resale) of the smart tickets.

How do I view GET tokens in my wallet?

If you have transferred GET from an exchange to your wallet, or received them directly in a wallet, your tokens may not be visible in your wallet immediately as you still have to add the GET-token to your wallet in order to make it visible. In this blog we explain how you can add the GET ERC20 token to your wallet in a few simple steps.

Which wallets can be used to store GET?

As GET is an ERC20 token, it can be stored in compatible hardware wallets (such as the Ledger Nano S or Trezor) and web wallets (such as MyEtherWallet or MetaMask). See here for some pretty straightforward tutorials on each option. Please note that you should always be extra cautious and skeptical when using a new wallet. Make sure you understand every step and carefully check whether you are in the right place.

Where can I see the roadmap?

You can check out the roadmap for GET right here.

What is the GET smart contract address?

The GET smart contract address 0x8a854288a5976036a725879164ca3e91d30c6a1b can be found on etherscan.

Explain the GET Protocol and GET products and how they work together

The GET Protocol is a systematically applicable routine through which the ticketing for an event is done from beginning to end. This includes the assessment for the amount of GET tokens necessary to match the FIAT price of every ticket, and the distribution of tickets to the end consumers. The GET token works as a type of GAS or fuel, to make the distribution and potential changes to details or ownership of tickets possible on the blockchain. Still don’t get it? No worries, check out the video for more information, our complete whitepaper can be found here for a full description of the Protocol, or you can ask specific questions in our Telegram channel.

How can a ticketing company use the GET Protocol?

It's very easy for ticketing companies of any kind and size to implement the GET Protocol. The great thing is that the paying customer won’t know the difference; they just pay in fiat money (Euro, Dollar, Yen, Etcetera) as always, only now, the artists, venues, ticketing companies and fans are all protected from unreasonable secondary markets and greedy third parties by the underlying protocol. Feel free to get in touch with our business developer Sander for further inquiries. He can be reached by contacting us.

How do I report a security issue?

To report any technical or security issues you can contact us.

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