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GET utility token

GET is a utility token, meaning that it serves a specific purpose within our ticketing solution. Due to the blockchain nature of the engine, the properties of the GET token allow for a transparent and stable value equivalence with fiat money, as this is locked in every event cycle.


Entrance Token

Token details

Token type
ERC20 - 18 decimals
Circulating supply
11,388,257.651 GET
Total minted
23,368,773.4 GET

About the ICO

ICO Finalized
13th December 2017
Average ICO rate
0.00102483 ETH / GET
Total raised
10,935 ETH
Security audit
Matthew di Ferrante Audit

Legal status

Token role
Utility Token
USA law
Howey Test
EU law
EU Legal review
Singapore law
Sing. Legal review

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Market cap


Updated on Fri, 09 Apr 2021 18:40:06 GMT

Tokenomics explained

The GET token is a crucial component of the GET Protocol, as it is the fuel that makes it possible for ticketing companies to issue tickets. How this works exactly and what this means for the ticketing companies that make use of the protocol and those who trade and hold the GET token is explained below


GET Protocol is a blockchain-based ticketing engine, allowing ticketing companies to issue admission rights in a fully digital way. This innovative approach provides many benefits over traditional ticketing. For example, one application of the system is eradicating fraud and ticket scalping.


Making use of the GET Protocol requires a fuel, called the GET token, or simply 'GET'. For example: Tickets that are sold and resold by ticketing companies using GET Protocol require GET to perform their duties.

Event Cycle - Powered by GET
GET Smart-Ticket

After an event cycle is completed and all tickets are validated and processed, GET is automatically burned by the protocol, decreasing the total supply of GET that exists in the world.


The GET needed by ticketing companies for their sales and events is provided up front by the protocol at a locked rate per event cycle, to provide a frictionless experience for the ticketing companies and their fans.

End of cycle

GET scarcity calculator

GET is needed for every interaction with a smart ticket. A portion of this GET is burned with every interaction. This leads to an increase in scarcity over time. We have made a tool that you can use to make projections on this scarcity in the future.

Your predictions for GET

Estimation in 2020

Total transactions


GET Burned - 23.04%


GET Remaining


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Start trading. GET is listed on 5 exchanges and counting.

  • Hotbit
  • Liquid
  • Coinone
  • IDEX
  • Uniswap
  • Stex
  • OctoFi
  • More coming...